Diante Thomas, is a Chicago-born Cuban African American who currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a self-taught artist with twelve years of experience in art and photography. He recently discovered art via Artificial Intelligence (AI). He stumbled upon AI a year ago, and his love for it blossomed when AI art-generating tools became more advanced and innovative. He enjoys the quality, scalability, and instant creation of images from conceptual prompts.

Having a knack for using Midjourney for generating AI art, he takes delight in using the options the AI-powered tool offers that expand his creativity by creating and remastering these images. He loves creating stunning, breathtakingly unique, and surreal art pieces. 

After watching the Jean-Michel Basquiat documentary, his infatuation and desire to create art began to grow. Being motivated by this documentary, he filled his little green notebook with art ideas because, at that moment, he felt like his mind had exploded in colors. He is also inspired by Marina Abramovic’s body of work as it is filled with raw emotions. He admires and respects artists that do not follow the status quo but those that think outside the box and create influential art that expresses emotions. 

Before discovering AI, he used to photograph models and then manipulate the pictures using photography editing tools and layering textures from the streets of Chicago. But now, with AI’s assistance, he can instantly draft models and turn them into surreal art that portrays unconventional, uncanny realms, repressed memories, and dreamscapes. It is fantastical that lets viewers escape reality. 

Besides art and photography, he has also started producing music and has created 21 singles and nine instrumental albums. His sound has been described as cinematically inspired. Diante received an artist restart grant in 2021 from the Art Council of Indianapolis. In the same year, he also won the Denton Black Film Festival’s  People’s Choice Award for The Black Experience in America: Past/Present/and Future with Ivory Leonard IV. 

Spoken At My First Art Show

Art is my retirement plan!

Roses 🥀 in art look better then the ones you throw on caskets…MAYE 

A.I Meets MAYE
A.I Meets MAYE
Mr.Smiley Man,Current Series
The Black Experience in America: Past/Present/and Future with Ivory Leonard IV. 
Nun With A Shotgun,Kurr

Tu Eres Bonita with Skinnyminiarra

Honey Series With Karly
When it went to shit I found some bricks,picked up some sticks & made some shit. She’s pretty but broken.MAYE
Current Series Sep 2022: Mr.Smiley Man Generated by Ai Via Texted Prompt https://fineartamerica.com/art/myartyoureyes

Next With Ai, Black Clowns Series

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